Traditional Banana Leaf Rice Cake ~ Original Flavor 古早香蕉叶年糕 ~ 原味
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Weight ±600g each

After a year, Chinese New Year is here. A traditional craft, slowly being replace by modern technology. With a will to continue the tradition, we possess the handmade banana leaf rice cake.
Traditional rice cake not only gives a chewy taste, it also has a full fragrance of a banana leaf. These combinations makes of a unique taste of traditional rice cake. With the heart and tradition passed down from our ancestors, and the time of making these rice cake ( a batch of 20 needs 3 days), we still strongly stand on its limited production and not lose its high quality .

A question that is frequently asked, why do we not sell the rice cakes at the market or supermarket. Let me explain here, how you understand.
This is a traditional rice cake. It is not like any other packaged rice cake which added sugar, stir for a few minutes and put in plastic bag for 1-2hours.

1. All natural ingredients, we use Pulut Susu from Thailand and organic brown sugar.
2. The work and time put in to make it. From sticky rice until a rice cakes will use up around 70 hours.
a. soak rice,8 hours
b. powder the rice,3 hours
c. Compress the rice, 8 hours
d. Knead the rice dough, 4 hours
e. Rest it, 6 hours
f. Prepare 20 banana leaf ,4 hours。
g. Steaming for 12 hours,check on the fire and amount of water every hour.
h. After steaming, wait for 3 hours to naturally cool down before moving it
i. Wait again for more hours before taking out of the mold
j. Wait till the banana leaf to dry out, then 12 hours later to trim off the banana leaf.

传统年糕重量 每粒±600g
🔖 原味年糕 RM22

年复一年,春节又来临了。 世代相传的传统手艺,在现代的社会已渐渐被科技所取代。坚持一份守旧的心,我们传承纯正手制的香蕉叶年糕。

新鲜限量制作,欲订购请在31/1/2018 下单。
取货日: 27/1-9/2/2018

1. 原料,我们用泰国的pulut susu, 有机黄糖
2. 工和时间,从糯米变成年糕不偷工减料,耗时约70小时。

a. 浸米8小时
b. 磨米3小时
c. 压米8小时
d. 搓米4小时
e. 米团休息6小时
f. 预备给20粒的香蕉叶4小时
g. 蒸12小时,每个小时检查水和火。
h. 蒸好要等3小时自然凉才可以移动它
i. 等再几个小时完全冷却才能脱模
j. 等香蕉叶干,12小时后才能修剪香蕉叶

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